Statement on Health Impacts of Racism and Police Brutality

Press Release


Racism is a public health crisis. Police brutality is a public health crisis. As a public health nonprofit, our mission is in support of access to healthcare—access that has been denied to Black communities through a centuries-long history of structural racism. Racial justice is a shared responsibility and our work is inextricably tied to a health system that has perpetuated inequalities in this country.

We join in support of our communities protesting, donating, and speaking out against the murders of Black people in America. We commit to challenging blatant and subtle forms of racism that show up in our work or organization across healthcare and medical research. Black lives matter.


About OpenBiome

OpenBiome is the first public stool bank, and a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, founded to expand safe access to fecal transplantation for patients with recurrent C. difficile infections and to catalyze research on the microbiome’s role in human health. For more information, visit

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