Verify: The healing power of poop (VIDEO)




“So, are we so obsessed with being clean that we’re making ourselves sick? The science says yes:

  • Germs and bacteria are misunderstood.

  • Some bacteria are bad, but most help us maintain a healthy balance in the microbiome.

  • In our quest to kill germs, we have traded infectious diseases for chronic ones that are very hard to treat. And that’s why we’re turning to therapies like the fecal transplant.

The concept behind the poop transplant is very basic. A donor, who’s been through a rigorous screening process, provides a stool sample that’s loaded with his or her naturally healthy bacteria. It’s then implanted into the patient who has a bacterial disease.

So far, doctors have done almost 30,000 fecal transplants for C. difficile. But now there are promising trials underway to treat obesityulcerative colitis and even autism.”

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