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OpenBiome is building a world where the full potential of the microbiome radically improves health for all.

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OpenBiome accelerates bold discoveries in microbiome science to improve health for all. We are an independent nonprofit that catalyzes cutting edge research, advances treatment, and expands scientific capacity to unlock the full potential of the microbiome.

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How We Work

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    Catalyzing Research: Build and openly share the world’s most globally representative collection of samples and strains to fill critical gaps in microbiome science.

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    Advancing Treatment: Harness the healing power of gut microbes by providing clinicians with protocols and treatments to help people with recurrent C. difficile infections and other microbiome-mediated diseases.

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    Expanding Scientific Capacity: Build global scientific capacity and share microbiome therapy know-how with all researchers, especially those on the frontline of infectious disease treatment.

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Our Next Step: Unlocking the Potential of the Microbiome

OpenBiome, through its flagship program the Global Microbiome Conservancy (GMbC), is providing scientists with tools and resources to make breakthrough discoveries.

Currently, microbiome research is limited by a biased and narrow view of the microbiome that focuses on U.S. and European populations.

The GMbC library—containing samples from more than 1,200 participants from over 30 underpresented communities—fills this critical gap by providing scientists with a globally representative view of the microbiome and ensures that people from across the world can benefit from new discoveries.

“Over the past decade, we’ve shown the transformative power of the microbiome in treating patients with recurrent C. difficile. We’re excited to take the next step and use our expertise to catalyze microbiome research around the world.”

— Julie Barrett O’Brien, Chief Executive Officer at OpenBiome


Help us build a world where the full potential of the microbiome radically improves health for all

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