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This page serves as a one-stop-shop for forms that will help you access Investigational Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) Preparations distributed by OpenBiome as well as fulfill follow-up reporting requirements.

From Registration to Follow-Up Reporting


This resource will support your journey from becoming an OpenBiome clinical partner, to placing an order, to administering investigational treatment and reporting patient outcomes.

Joining our Clinical Network

Before placing an order, your practice or medical facility must complete a clinical registration form and return it to our clinical outreach team. We must have an account on record for every location to which we ship, including individual facilities within the same health system.

Ordering Material and Shipping

OpenBiome typically processes orders the day after we receive them and ships investigational FMT preparations overnight on dry ice at approximately -20 degrees Celsius.

Administering Investigational FMT

The following clinical inserts provide instructions on storing, thawing, and administering each investigational FMT preparation formulation.

Follow-Up Reporting

OpenBiome gathers data on patient outcomes after they receive an investigational FMT preparation. This allows us to continuously monitor the efficacy and safety of the investigational preparations on a per-donor basis, and effectively respond to suspected adverse events in a timely manner.

Adverse Event Reporting

As part of our commitment to enable safe access to accountable, high-quality investigational FMT preparations, all clinical partners that utilize investigational FMT material distributed by OpenBiome are required to report adverse events (AEs) to OpenBiome and possibly to the FDA.

Request an Investigator's Brochure

OpenBiome and The University of Minnesota maintain Investigator's Brochures for FMPCapDE, MTP-101LR, and MTP-101LF. To request access to an Investigator's Brochure please fill out the following form.

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