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We provide microbes, data, therapies, and knowledge to fill critical gaps in microbiome research and health care.

Research Programs

Our programs accelerate microbiome science— ethically and equitably— to improve health worldwide.


Our Impact

Over the past 10 years, we've pushed scientific boundaries and set gold standards

A scientist in lab attire holding a stool sample bag

Patients have received urgently needed investigational fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) treatments distributed by OpenBiome.

A group of scientists collecting and testing samples at a mobile site somewhere on the African continent

Participants from underrepresented communities have contributed stool samples to our microbiome library.

Latest News and Spotlights

OpenBiome Recognized as a Global Health Leader

OpenBiome has been selected as a 2023 future united award winner by GBCHealth. The award recognizes “future seeking, innovating, ‘ahead of the curve’ companies that stand to change the future of global health.” 

Explore Our Biobank

Through our clinical and research catalog, we provide investigational FMT preparations for clinical trials as well as stool samples and bacterial isolates for basic research studies.

As Microbiome Science Forges Ahead, Will Some Be Left Behind?

Empowering microbiome research in underrepresented countries

OpenBiome's Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Majdi Osman, co-organized an international retreat accelerating microbiome research to improve the health of children.

Our Partners

OpenBiome is proud to have partnered with government and philanthropic organizations around the world to advance patient care and microbiome research.

As Featured In

OpenBiome has appeared in national and international publications. Read more coverage here.

Help us build a world where the full potential of the microbiome radically improves health for all

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