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Order an FMT Preparation

We are currently fulfilling orders for registered U.S. clinical partners who have scheduled patients with recurrent C. difficile infections (rCDI) that are not responsive to standard therapies or who would like to keep a stock of FMT preparations at their facility.

How to Order an FMT Preparation


Accessing FMT treatments requires clinicians register with the OpenBiome Clinical Network, place an order, and review our Frequently Asked Questions.

Step 1: Join the OpenBiome Clinical Network

Before placing an order, your practice or medical facility must complete a registration form and return it to our clinical outreach team. We are required to record every shipping location, including individual facilities within the same health system. Registration automatically adds you to the OpenBiome Clinical Network

Separate registration forms are required for FMT preparations manufactured by OpenBiome and those manufactured by the University of Minnesota (UMN). If you are a registered OpenBiome clinical partner, you still need to complete the UMN-specific registration form to access FMT treatments prepared by that institution.

Once your registration is complete, you will be issued a partner ID number. Not sure if your facility has registered or forgot your partner ID? Contact us at


Detailed Registration Instructions

The registration form is a legal document that must be completed in its entirety and with no alterations to the source text. Below are guidelines for completing your Clinical Partner Registration Form:

  1. The clinical team may complete the information on pages 1-2.
  2. The terms on pages 3-5 must be reviewed by an individual authorized to purchase investigational drugs on behalf of your institution. (Clinicians are NOT generally authorized.)
  3. The initials on pages 3-5 must match the signature on page 6.
  4. When completed, return the form to us at or by fax to 617-575-2201.
  5. An Alternative to Registering - Contracting & Purchase Agreements: OpenBiome is happy to discuss entering into a purchasing contract with your facility or health system. For more information, please contact our Outreach Team at 617-575-2201, option 3.

Step 2: Place an Order

All OpenBiome clinical partners are eligible to place an order for FMT preparations for any identified patient that meets the eligibility criteria for FMT under the FDA policy of Enforcement Discretion and to keep a stock of FMT preparations at their facility.

Submit orders by email to or by fax to 617-575-2201. Use the OpenBiome order form or an internally generated purchase order if preferred.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Invoice Payment

To pay your invoice, please click the “Pay Now” button below, and you will be taken to our secure online payment portal hosted by FattMerchant.

If you have questions, contact us

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