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Meet The OpenBiome Team

We’re a team of scientists, clinicians, patient advocates, and microbiome enthusiasts. We have a passion for improving public health through the bacteria in us all.

Executive Team

Headshot of Julie Barrett O'Brien

Julie Barrett O’Brien

Chief Executive Officer

An image of OpenBiome OpenBiome's Chief Operating Officer

Paul Leech

Chief Operating Officer

Headshot of Majid Osman

Majdi Osman, MD MPH

Chief Medical Officer

Headshot of Katya Monize

Katya Moniz

Global Microbiome Conservancy (GMbC) Director

Headshot of Ken Linde

Ken Linde

Chief Information Officer

Board of Directors

A headshot of Lisa Serwin

Lisa Serwin

Chair of the Board

A headshot of Eric Alm

Eric Alm, PhD

A headshot of James Bildner

Jim Bildner, JD

A headshot of Neil Rasmussen

Neil Rasmussen

A headshot of Jane Williams

Jane Williams, MD MPH

Joanne Kamens, PhD

Joanne Kamens, PhD

Clinical Advisory Board

Jessica Allegretti, MD, MPH

Kanchana Amaratunga MD, MPH

Monika Fischer, MD

Rachel Ann Hays, MD

Colleen Kelly, MD

Neil H. Stollman, MD

OpenBiome Team

Headshot of Mike Bougas

Michael Bougas

Clinical Outreach Director

Headshot of Justin Chen

Justin Chen

Director of External Affairs

Imani Decaille Hodge

Sr. Clinical Outreach Associate

Terick Dupont

Fulfillment Supervisor

Joshua Epps

Quality Associate

Headshot of Emily Madden

Emily Madden

Manager of Legal Affairs

Headshot of David McCall

David McCall

Human Resources Manager

Headshot of Cyleigh Mertz

Cyleigh Mertz

Accounting Manager

Photo of OpenBiome's Sr. Accountant

Roxanne Schwab

Sr. Accountant

Dana Shamitz

Quality Supervisor/Lab Coordinator

Headshot of Laura Stehler

Laura Stehler

Sr. Clinical Outreach Associate

June Teichmann

Associate Scientist

Shevon Walker

Director of CMC Operations and Supply Chain Logistics

Susan Weir

Senior Scientist

Mengxi Li

Digital Marketing Specialist

Be a part of our microbiome future. Join our team.

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