OpenBiome Recognized as a Global Health Leader  by GBCHealth

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Woburn, MA (September 19, 2023)— Approximately one year after announcing its expanded global mission, OpenBiome has been selected as a 2023 future united futurist award winner by GBCHealth. The award recognizes “future seeking, innovating, ‘ahead of the curve’ companies that stand to change the future of global health.” 

“We are honored to accept this award,” said Julie Barrett O’Brien, OpenBiome’s CEO, “and will use this platform to build a more equitable and inclusive system for microbiome scientists across the globe.” 

As a pioneering microbiome nonprofit, OpenBiome developed investigational fecal microbiota transplantation (FMT) from a fringe therapy to a crucial treatment option for patients with antibiotic-resistant C. difficile infections. This work proved that microbes could treat incurable illness and laid the foundation for a new field of medicine and biotech innovation.  

To continue scaling the impact of microbiome science, OpenBiome is addressing systemic inequities in global microbiome research to improve health worldwide. By engaging over 80 research collaborators across nearly 40 countries, OpenBiome is building and sharing the most inclusive and globally representative microbiome library and developing new therapies for neglected communities including those suffering from malnutrition and mental health disorders.  

“Microbiome science has the potential to transform how we prevent, diagnose, and treat disease. But our understanding of gut microbes is vastly incomplete and biased,” said O’Brien, describing a research environment where more than 70% of human microbiome data come from Northern America and Europe, excluding most of the world’s populations. “So, it’s galvanizing that GBCHealth, scientific communities, and policymakers are recognizing inclusive microbiome research as a crucial pillar of global development. With our collaborators, we look forward to driving innovations that improve health for all of humanity.”  





About the Future United Awards  
The 2023 future united awards took place on September 19, 2023 alongside the 78th United National General Assembly. The future united awards is a global health initiative launched in 2022 by GBCHealth, and draws together business, NGOs, governments, entrepreneurs, and investigators to work together to future-proof the world against the global health challenges facing us all.  

About OpenBiome  
OpenBiome accelerates bold discoveries in microbiome science—ethically and equitably– to improve health for all. An independent nonprofit, we catalyze cutting edge research, advance treatment, and expand scientific capacity to unlock the full potential of the human microbiome.  

Since our founding at MIT in 2012, we have provided investigational FMT treatments to more than 68,000 patients with recurrentC. difficileinfections and supported over 40 studies investigating how the microbiome affects human health. Through OpenBiome’snew flagship program, the Global Microbiome Conservancy (GMbC), we are building and sharing the world’s most globally representative collection of microbiome samples and strains to fill critical gaps in microbiome science.  

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