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Photo Credit: The GMbC team on the way to a Hadza village in Tanzania. ©Global Microbiome Conservancy / Photo by C. Corzett

Capacity Building for Global Researchers

The Global Microbiome Conservancy Consortium is an international network of scientists and clinicians advancing representative microbiome research and building the GMbC platform.



An Equitable Approach to Microbiome Science

A group of scientists collecting and testing samples at a mobile site somewhere on the African continent

Photo Credit: GMbC team processing stool samples in Central African Republic. ©Global Microbiome Conservancy / Photo by Mathieu /Groussin

OpenBiome believes in the importance of a global scientific movement fueled by strong local capacity and networks.

Through the Global Microbiome Conservancy (GMbC) program, we engage in long-term partnerships with collaborators around the world. We provide researchers and scientists in under-resourced countries with training, tools, and access to our knowledge sharing platform. Our ultimate mission is to grow microbiome research capacity worldwide.

A group of three scientists at a mobile lab pouring liquid nitrogen onto samples


Photo Credit: The GMbC team fills a cryotank with liquid nitrogen in Thailand. ©Global Microbiome Conservancy / Photo by C. Corzett

How We Build Partner Research Capacity

  • Infastructure

    Infrastructure and Physical Resources: Improve access to laboratory supplies, equipment, and data storage capability.

  • SkillsAndTraining

    Skills and Training: Share our expertise in microbiology, molecular biology, biobanking, and bioinformatics.

  • GrantFunding

    Grants and Funding: Identify funding opportunities and host workshops to improve grant writing skills.

  • PublishingAndConferences

    Publishing and Conferences: Support researchers through the publication process and to access conferences.

  • ClinicalTrialDesign

    Connection and Networks: Introduce researchers to potential collaborators, mentors, and mentees.

Help Us Support Global Microbiome Research

Contact us to learn how you can help researchers realize the full global potential of microbiome science to improve the health of people worldwide.

We’re always open to discuss ideas on how to improve access to equipment, training, mentorship, or other resources.

The Global Microbiome Conservancy (GMbC)Program at OpenBiome


Help us build a world where the full potential of the microbiome radically improves health for all

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