Photo Credit: Stool Photo Credit: GMbC team processing stool samples in an improvised laboratory by a Bedik village in southeastern Senegal. ©Global Microbiome Conservancy / Photo by F. Rondon

Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about the Global Microbiome Conservancy (GMbC ) program, including our mission and approach to collaborations.


About the GMbC Program


Photo Credit: GMbC co-founder Mathieu Groussin and consortium members meeting local community leaders
(Varocha and Ratha-korn) in Thailand.  ©Global Microbiome Conservancy / Photo by C. Corzett


Our Approach to Collaborations


Photo Credit: Local GMbC consortium member John Rusine, filling out a dietary questionnaire with a participant. Village in west Rwanda. ©Global Microbiome Conservancy / Photo by C. Corzett


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